Friday, September 05, 2008

Parents and Kids Cover Image

Did you see the most recent cover of Parents and Kids Magazine?
One of my images is featured! The cover features 3 of my little clients, a set of twins who snuck in a kiss while eating apples together with their big brother. I just loved this moment that was captured back in June 2007. Looking forward to seeing this family again in a few weeks. Wonder if they are able to give out autographs ...or scribble now that they are famous...hahaha.
Thank you to P & K for the opportunity to be on the cover!

Today on September 8th NECN interviewed Heather Kempskie, the editor of P&K and at the end of the interview the news anchor held up the cover with my image. The photo just happens to feature Leslie Gaydo's children who is their morning news anchor.
You can view the news clip here:
Back To School
It will probably be live today Sept 8, 2008.
My work has gotten its 15 minutes of fame. : )

PS I apologize for not updating my blog regularly I have become very behind after an injury ( I am ok now) and an unexpected death in the family. I promise to feature sessions as soon as I catch up on editing. Thank you for your patience.