Saturday, August 16, 2008

1 month old twins - MA Twins Portraits

A set of very sweet 1 month old twins came to the studio recently for their newborn session. I like to avoid photographing newborns of this age because they are difficult to get to sleep for those cuddly sleepy shots and tend to cry a lot during studio sessions, but we made an exception because they were twins. They would look up towards their mom as she would whisper to them. I could see the love that has already bonded this new family together. Here are some favorites from this brother and sister's first photography session.


rel='dofollow'Kimberly Hill said...

Oh, they're so precious, Paula! I love the shot of them fussing while Mom holds them so lovingly and securely. What a special family to photograph!

rel='dofollow'Danna said...

oh these are so wonderful, what a great variety you have and dad will surly treasure these.