Sunday, June 22, 2008

Triplets First Birthday Party in Boston

What an incredible birthday party for these special 3 children...who are triplets. It was held at the Four Seasons in Boston, they wore Korean traditional dress for the first half of the party. They were so good and so much fun. I loved the Korean customs of choosing something of significance out of a bowl to predict what they might become in the future. They all chose a dental mirror...which made dad very proud...he is a dentist. Here are many favorites from their party..


rel='dofollow'corey civetta said...

What an awesome celebration! You captured everything so well!

rel='dofollow'Anna Yu said...

Love Korean traditions! We've done the same for Christina's 1st B'day. Great work, Paula!

rel='dofollow'meggan said...

What a wonderful collection of images! It looks like their party was a lot of fun!