Thursday, October 02, 2008

BaystateParent Cover Image for Think Pink Issue

It was an honor to photograph the feature story in this month's issue of BaystateParent Think Pink Issue. I met Anne and her 2 boys back in August for their shoot along with Paula Ethier the Art Director at BaystateParent in my Framingham studio loft. It was so much fun....Anne is amazing woman, a breast cancer survivor at the young age of 30 and a mom to two very cute boys.
Her boys were naturals in front of my cameras and lights and I felt I were able to capture photos to illustrate the courageou story of Anne and her battle with breast cancer.

As some of you know I am an active member of the Think Pink Photograpphy organization that offers free sessions to breast cancer survivors with in 1 year of treatment. The session can take place during treatment or when you feel up to it after your treatment. Please visit hear more about this incredible organization of photographers across the United States. You can also see and read more about other breast cancer survivors I have photographed HERE

Here is the Cover image of BaystateParent . Please pick up the October issue and see the full feature article and more photos.

They also featured a little behind the scenes of the cover write up here is what is said for you out of towners:

"This month's Think Pink cover, photographed by award-winning photographer, Paula Swift of Framingham, shines a light on 30-year-old Anne Meisner of Natick with her two supercute sons, Jeffrey, age 4, and Collin, 21 months.

Meisner, who was just 28 years old when she was diagnosed with breast cancer, is now out of active treatment and shows no evidence of the disease. She is featured on page 38 of this issue in our story on the Ellie Fund, an organization that took away the stressful every day details of life so that Meinser could focus on what was really important: getting healthy, being a great mom, and spending precious time with her husband, family, and friends.

The decision to include the boys in this month's photo shoot was a comfort to Meisner. "I probably only have one photo of the boys and me, and I was wearing a bandana. I am always the one behind the camera," she said, grateful for the opportunity.

Art Director Paula Monette Ethier chose this particular cover shot because it reinforces what moms with breast cancer shared with us in this month's issue: They want to care for their kids and receive support in keeping that mother-child routine as normal as possible. (See how to do this in Carrie Wattu's story on Thrive, page 46).

And here's Anne Meisner on our October cover doing just that. Go Anne!

Swift, who regularly offers free portrait sessions to women and men battling and surviving breast cancer, said, "It was an honor to photograph Anne and her sons, to show this courageous young woman. It really makes you realize cancer has not one face... but many, young and old."

It is the friendly face of Meisner that explains, "Someone told me at one point last year that you will never feel so much love then when you are going through a cancer diagnosis and treatment. That is true."

We hope our October cover and Think Pink issue is another way of spreading this love and support for one another around.

For more information on the Think Pink Photography Organization, visit" BaystateParent October 2008