Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Joshi Camera Magazine Feature

What is Joshi Camera? This is a Japanese magazine that features women photographers from across the world. I believe Joshi Camera means Girl with camera. One of the magazine’s editors had found my pictures online. I am featured in a section called "25 Girls with Camera in the World"..in that section there are 4 us from America, 1 from Poland and others from Japan. The photography is amazing! Their layouts are a photographer's dream...large photos and not much text. It looks and feels like a Martha Stewart living meets Wondertime magazine. Even printed with Soy ink.

Now if I could speak Japanese, then I would understand what was written on the other photographers featured this month. At least I recognize my pictures and my name. I was asked questions on my camera gear professional and point and shoot ( yes I even have one of those dreaded camera lag point and shoots for those quick family shots). Also talked about my favorite magazines, my work a bit..like what I was thinking when I took the images that were taken and how I got started in photography.

Here are some snaps of what the Magazine looks like...2 copies arrived from Japan yesterday.


rel='dofollow'Corey said...

Very cool! Congratulations!!

rel='dofollow'mom2irishtwins said...

How flipping cool is that! Great job Paula!

rel='dofollow'Kimberly Hill said...

You go girl!!!